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Volunteer in forest conservation, orphanages, schools and a sports clubs

Old Moshi Hostel is partnered with fifteen organizations and institutions, all of which are run by local residents. Visitors are able to help with a range of activities within these establishments, including: forest conservation, orphanages, schools and a sports club. In addition, the hostel has started its own “Mobile Clinic” that visits neighboring villages providing services such as painkillers and sanitary pads. Please note that volunteering for the Mobile Clinic requires a background in medical science as we will be examining patients and treating them for minor issues such as skin problems and coughs along with referring them to hospitals if there are more major concerns.

The amount of time you wish to volunteer is entirely up to you, however we do request a minimum of two weeks and availability for particular projects changes depending on what our partners need. Registering is very easy; email us to inquire further information. If guests already staying at Old Moshi decide to volunteer, we are happy to arrange something during the remainder of your stay.

On top of our diverse range of volunteer opportunities, daily excursions and other activities are also provided. Our staff makes certain that every guest is taken care of, and that includes a personal look into Tanzanian culture. Every Saturday at noon, management offers a free orientation for all volunteers and visitors. This includes a tour of Moshi town, how to take the “bajaji”, where to find Internet and exchange money for the local currency (Tanzanian shillings, Tsh), etc. For travelers and volunteers that are interested in going on a safari or a Kilimanjaro climb, we can organize excursions and trips for you (click HERE for a list of our current excursions).

Visitors are additionally invited to participate in our local garden. A free lesson on African agriculture and gardening is provided to anyone who seeks interest. Please contact staff to inquire. For those wishing to learn a bit of Swahili or brush-up on what they already know, our staff also offers a thirty-minute lesson, which includes a small pamphlet of common phrases and useful vocabulary for $3.

For volunteers and guests staying with Old Moshi over an extended period, we are happy to offer barbecues at $15 per person (which includes food and beverage). Barbecues must be arranged in advance with the management team and can be organized for special occasions or simply if large groups are seeking a special dinner outside of town. Please contact us for more information.