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When you arrive at the airport, you must get a tourist visa. Management will then sort out a volunteer visa for you after you check-in to Old Moshi Hostel. The tourist visa costs $50 and the volunteer visa costs $200. The volunteer visa takes approximately one week to process. Note: Please make sure that you bring a copy of your passport and six passport photos. In addition, if you plan to volunteer for more than three months, the visa process is different. Contact management to enquire.

We are unable to advise you on vaccinations and none are required by law aside from Yellow Fever for northwest regions. (You can get this vaccination in the airport when you arrive.) However, you may refer to the following websites for guidance on vaccination recommendations: www.tanzania.embassyhomepage.com www.tanzaniaembassy-us.org

Yes, just follow the instructions on our website which provides an online application. If you agree to volunteer in advance, then a deposit of $200 is required paid directly to Old Moshi Hostel. Fees are normally due one month prior to your arrival. Please note that when you transfer funds, your bank will charge a fee. This fee must exclude the amount due for the deposit.

We are happy to allocate any funds you have raised in your home country to your organization of choice. However, if you have no preference, then the management team at Old Moshi will decide where the funds would be most needed and helpful.

As with any country, learning the basics of the local language will not only help you, but also be greatly appreciated by residents. Swahili is a fun language and greetings are of particular importance. Whether or not you learn some phrases before your arrival, most of our staff is fluent in English and happy to help. We also offer a thirty-minute Swahili lesson and a pamphlet of useful phrases and vocabulary for $3. Please speak with management for further information

That is not a problem at all! Old Moshi Hostel has had years of experience working with volunteers from all over the world. Our online application form is designed to understand where your interests lay to ensure you have a great experience here in Tanzania. If you have further questions or change your mind upon arrival about which organization you would like to volunteer for, just speak with our management team to sort out a better fit.

First and foremost we strongly encourage that you arrive with anti-malarial drugs. We advise you to speak with a nurse or doctor specializing in tropical diseases about which drug is best for you. Additionally, we recommend you come with a travel-sized first aid kit. The following items are also recommended: Insect repellent Sunscreen Sunhat English/Swahili phrasebook Rechargeable batteries Moisture-wicking shirts and pants (for field work) Hiking shoes/sandals (for field work) Daypack Head torch (a.k.a. head lamp) Raincoat Water bottle Cheese (if you’re an avid cheese lover)

If you decide to volunteer during your stay, simply speak with management who will be happy to provide you with an application form. The registration process should take no longer than a day. Depending on what our partner organizations need at the time, we ask guests to be flexible in the kind of work they participate in. In most cases, a minimum of fourteen volunteer days is requested. Aside from the initial deposit to cover room and board during the duration of your volunteer time, there are no additional or hidden fees.

There is no curfew, however, walking outside late at night can be dangerous. We highly discourage guests from walking alone after dark. Moshi is a relatively safe town, but occasionally stealing does occur. To avoid this, we advise that you travel in small groups and carry only a minimal amount of money on your person. Provocative clothing is also discouraged as this may attract unwarranted and negative attention from locals.

Both volunteers and guests will stay in dorm rooms (excluding our one available double room). We automatically separate women and men unless the hostel is fully booked. However, if you would like to share a mixed-gender room with friends, we are happy to accommodate.

Moshi is very close to Kilimanjaro Mountain and located at an elevation of 813m above sea level. The weather does not fluctuate much outside of warm temperatures. During the day it ranges from 27 to 32 degrees Celsius (80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit), but temperatures can exceed 30 degrees. At night it cools down to 15 to 19 degrees (60 to 66 degrees) depending on the season. Generally speaking, there are two seasons in East Africa: wet and dry. Rainy months range from late October to late December (long rains) and March to May (short rains).