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Day Trips and Excursions

Moshi town is filled with a myriad of options to explore and immerse yourself in the Tanzanian way of life. Old Moshi Hostel is happy to make your experience worthwhile by arranging day trips, safaris and other excursions from discovering waterfalls and caves in Marangu village to meeting members of the Maasai tribe. The following are a list of offered trips. Please contact us if you have more questions and/or seek information on costs and directions:

Mandara Hut Hike

Hike the first part of Mt. Kilimanjaro up to Mandara hut! This hike is about 16 km roundtrip from the entrance of Mt. Kilimanjaro park through the lush rainforests of the base up to the arid desert around Mandara hut with views of the peak of the mountain, Lake Chala, and Kenya in the distance.  The paths are well maintained with excellent guides to help along the way.

Kikuletwa Hotsprings

Kikuletwa Hotsprings gets its name from the water that bubbles in underground caves. Surrounded by fig trees, this area is a hidden gem in the midst of a semi arid landscape. Here you may find a diversity of colourful birds amongst an abundance of plant life and neighbouring indigenous tribes. There is also an option to camp overnight and hike.

Ndoro Waterfall

Ndoro waterfall is another area located in Marangu at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Visiting this waterfall is a perfect day trip for hiking enthusiasts since it can only be reached by foot and takes about an hour to hike in. Upon arrival, you may enjoy a swim whilst being surrounded by lush temperate forest.

Visiting Masai Bomas

Experiencing Masai culture by visiting the local village of Boma N’gombe and learning about their food, clothing, and way of life.  The trip typically involves a day trip to the village on the way to Kikuletwa Hotsprings.

Materuni Waterfall and Coffee Plantation

Materuni waterfall is another area located in Uru, about 40 minutes from Moshi.  On the way to the waterfall, the group visits Materuni Coffee Plantation where they get to learn about how coffee is grown.  Local food and coffee is prepared there.  Materuni waterfall is a large waterfall that is great for swimming!


Join us on a safari! During this safari, you can see animals such as giraffes, zebras, elephants, and more as we drive through Tarangire, Manyara, or N’gorogoro park. This trip is typically a day trip that you may also visit the Hadzabe tribe or the Masai Bomas during it.

Chagga Tribe Culture Tour

A tour through a Chagga village will take you through a coffee plantation and banana beer making, both of which are made entirely by hand. You may also visit a blacksmith to see how tools are built using traditional methods and take a look at Chagga houses. A walk through the village must not go without stepping inside a cave, which was made during the time of tribal wars with the Maasai and used by the Chagga people and their livestock for hiding.

Lake Chala

Only an hours drive from Moshi on the border between Tanzania and Kenya sits a wondrous crater lake. This volcanic area is perfect for camping, swimming and exploration. A camp ground with several camping sites is available and includes a bar, restaurant, hot showers and barbeque grills.