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About us

How did it all begin?

Old Moshi Hostel was established in 2007 and since then has hosted over 600 volunteers through our fifteen partner organizations and institutions. Now we welcome travellers from all over the world to come stay with us and have the opportunity to learn about the various projects taking place that aim to build capacity within local communities.

Whether you seek to gain new insight into the Tanzanian way of life through volunteer opportunities or are just looking for a relaxing and affordable stay whilst traveling, Old Moshi is able to take care of all your needs. If you are unsure about volunteering, our staff is happy to provide you with more information upon arrival rather than having to making reservations in advance. Volunteer opportunities range from community capacity building and re-forestation conservation projects to working in an orphanage.

We offer not only a comfortable stay outside of the busy city centre, but also a variety of excursions both within Moshi town and neighbouring areas. Our budget accommodation with many amenities (including hot showers and fans in each room) is sure to fit the needs of all guests in the quiet neighbourhood of Soweto.

Meals are cooked by our own chef who is happy to accommodate vegetarians and vegans. Most of the cuisine is African with a weekly rotating menu. A dining and living room are open to all guests as well, which includes a refrigerator and TV. Next to the office you can find our garden, providing our chef (and guests and staff) with fresh vegetables.

There is no curfew and to ensure that all our guests are kept safe, Old Moshi has a guard 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Bars and shops are just around the corner. The town centre can be reached by foot, by taxi and by bus, also known as the “daladala”.